Fact-Checking Policy

Our Commitment to Accuracy

At sabujtripura.com, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and trustworthy news and information. We understand the importance of upholding journalistic integrity and fighting against misinformation, which is why we have established a rigorous fact-checking policy.

Our Fact-Checking Process

Before publishing any content, our editorial team employs a multi-layered fact-checking process:

Verification from multiple sources: We verify all information from at least two independent, credible sources. These sources can include:

o Reputable news organizations

o Government websites and publications

o Academic journals and studies

o Expert opinions from qualified individuals

Cross-referencing and triangulation: We compare information across different sources to ensure consistency and avoid relying solely on a single source, especially for contentious claims.

Fact-checking tools: We utilize fact-checking tools and databases to verify data, statistics, and quotes.

Direct contact with individuals and organizations: When necessary, we may directly contact individuals or organizations mentioned in the content to verify information or seek clarification.

Transparency and Corrections

We are committed to transparency with our readers. In the event that we publish any information that is later found to be inaccurate or misleading, we will promptly take the following steps:

Publish a correction: We will publish a clear and concise correction on our website, acknowledging the error and providing the accurate information.

Update the original content: Whenever possible, we will update the original content to reflect the accurate information.

Inform readers: We may send notifications to readers who previously accessed the inaccurate content, informing them of the correction.

Reader Feedback

We encourage our readers to provide feedback on our content and identify any potential inaccuracies. You can reach us through the following methods:

Email: imbiplob.bhattacharya@gmail.com

Contact form: https://www.sabujtripura.com/p/contact.html

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/sabujtripuranews

Additional Information Required

To customize this policy further, I would need the following information from you:

Specific areas of focus: Does your news portal focus on a specific niche or region?

Types of content: What types of content do you typically publish (e.g., news articles, opinion pieces, interviews)

Existing fact-checking practices: Do you currently have any existing fact-checking practices in place?

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